What to Do in Putrajaya: Explore Traditional Malay Food in Night Market

Putrajaya is Malaysia’s latest Federal Territory. Putrajaya takes over the administrative functions of the capital city Kuala Lumpur and is part of the Multimedia Super Corridor project of the Malaysian government.

The streets are elegantly designed with a European style, along with well-paved roads while the government buildings are a blend of modern architecture with Islamic arts.

Beautiful landscape of Putrajaya
One of the significant pink building: Putra Mosque
Breath-taking night view

Despite from the wonderful environment of Putrajaya, did you know that it is also a hidden paradise for foodies. Today we are going to bring you to the prosperous night market in Putrajaya. Tell us later how many of those food have you tried?


It is a Southeast Asian dish of seasoned, skewered, and grilled meat, served with a sauce. Mostly made of chicken and beef.

2. Apam Balik (Stuffed pancake)

Apam balik is sweet peanut pancake which is loved by people from South-East Asia. It can be prepared either in a thin and crispy variety or as a thick and soft pancake. Traditional fillings typically include a combination of ground or roughly chopped peanuts, sugar, and butter, but the modern varieties may include anything from corn, chocolate chips, and raisins to grated cheese or condensed milk.

3. Murtabak (Folded, stuffed pancake)

Crispy pastry tastes like roti canai, it covers the special prepared sauce. Murtabak is often described as spicy folded omelette pancake with bits of vegetables. It is the most common form of murtabak; which is egg-filled pancake, sometimes mixed with green onion and minced-meat, made from pan fried crepes which is folded and cut to squares. When you make your first bite, the aroma of sauce just spread in your mouth. You have to give a try!

4. Apam Beras Gebu (Fluffy Rice Cake)

If you didn’t see them in food court, you might think these are bath bombs. Actually these colorful balls are made of Rice flour. You can eat with coconut flakes as dessert.

5. Beef & Bone Marrow

The beef is boiled by all kinds of spices for hours. You have to try the essence of this dish which is bone marrow!

6. Keropok Lekor (Fish Sausage)

Fish sausage is a traditional Malay fish cracker snacks. It is originally from the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. It is made from fish and sago flour and seasoned with salt and sugar. It is slightly greyish in colour and gives off a fishy taste. This snack is eaten with special homemade chili blend. It comes in three main forms: lekor (long and chewy), losong (steamed) and keping (thin and crispy).

7. Nasi Goreng Ayam

Chicken fried rice is the safest choice when you don’t know what to eat. Every piece of rice is covered by the special aromatic sauce. With a bit of chilli, you just can’t stop eating.

8. Putu Bamboo

Steamed rice cakes in bamboo or putu bambu is a popular teatime delicacy in Malaysia and Indonesia. The cake is made of rice flour called suji and coloured green with extract acquired from pandan leaf, filled with palm sugar, and steamed in bamboo tubes, hence its name, and served with grated coconut.

9. Fried Spring Rolls

The name of “Spring Rolls” is actually a literal translation of the Chinese chūn juǎn. These are a large variety of filled, rolled appetizers in South Asian. Freshly deep-fried spring rolls are light, crispy and airy. The fillings of spring rolls can be various such as shrimps, papaya. It is all depends on the culture.  

10. Baked Tapioca Cakes

This is a Nyonya tea time treat. It is moist, tender, fragrant, and super delicious. There are also other types of traditional cakes which is made of coconut jam, kaya.

11. Tau foo fah

It is a Chinese snack made of tofu. The texture is tender like pudding. You can choose the topping whether is hot brown sugar, or hot lemon and ginger sugar. It is a very healthy snack that is full of protein.

12. Lemang (Coconut Sticky Rice)

Lemang is a Southeast Asia traditional food that made from glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt, it is cooked in a bamboo stick with banana leaves in order to prevent the rice from sticking to the bamboo. It can be served with spicy meat or any sauce theta you prefer.

13. Fried Banana

Fried bananas might be not that usual for western culture. But it is a very popular snack in Malaysia, Indonesian, Singapore and other surrounding countries. It can be served with coconut ice cream, or vanilla ice cream.

14. Putu Mayam (String Hopper)

Putu Mayam is a rice flour dessert served with palm sugar and coconut milk. The best vendors usually cycle around residential areas in makeshift mobile food stalls. This is one traditional South Indian dessert that has been “Malaysianised” and is best had with a spot of chai.

15. Fresh Mango juice

16. Milo

If you’re looking for a beloved chocolate malted beverage of Eurasia, there is Milo or Milo ice (on the right), also sweetened with condensed milk. You can see this scene very often in food courts, people are holding their drinks in plastic bags.

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