What Are the Must-Haves Travel Kits Under RM20 That Will Confirm Pass Airport Baggage Check

Not to mention, saying goodbyes to any of your skincare could be described as the hardest goodbye as the security tosses it out because it exceeded the limit.

So we’ve put together a list of travel must-haves to help make your packing a convenient one:

Travel Iron

One of the smallest travel steam irons available on the market. At only 180*74*65mm and up to 293 ℉/145℃, making it ideal to whip out of your bag if your favorite dress/shirt got horribly creased on the way to your next adventure. It also comes with a handy travel bag too, you’ll hardly even know it is there!

Collapsible water bottle

Rather than wasting money on buying mineral water, you can bring this collapsible bottle and refill it at the airport’s water station after you’ve checked in.

It is made of food-grade silicone and PP material, safe, non-toxic, durable and practical. Also, it is equipped with a cover, prevent your bottle from leaking.

Universal travel adaptor

While some hotels have universal travel adapters, it’s still important to bring yours along just in case.

This adaptor powers up faster and saves time, this premium powerful and compact travel adapter allows you to simultaneously use the AC socket while charging from both USB ports.

Travel toiletries bag with a hook

It’s an easy alternative to bringing toiletries and decreases the risk of losing any item when traveling. All you need to do is hang it up in the bathroom during your stay.

Laundry soap sheets

Perfect to slip into your luggage, these laundry soap sheets offer a travel-friendly alternative to carrying liquid laundry detergent. They dissolve in water to wash your clothing.

Disposable urine bag

This product is a convenient portable micro-emergency toilet, strong absorption of curing agents and fungicides. It can quickly absorb urine and become a jelly substance, to avoid urine spill, no odor and designed in accordance with the principles of ergonomics, flexible folding of the urine injection port, a comprehensive solution to both men and women universal, young and old Safe problem. It is easy to use after clench self-sealing, sealed time, play a clean while preventing odor distribution and convenient to carry, two layers of exquisite packaging, health,and hygiene use.

Makeup remover wipes

Makeup pads are also easy to bring around when traveling. They’re a fast and easy way to clean your face, particularly if you’ve had a long day of traveling, shopping, etc.

Facial sheet masks

Flights can dehydrate your skin, and the use of a face mask can help give it the love and moisture it deserves.