Music that speaks from the soul

The Jonker Street in Malacca is always associated with Shopping, Heritage and also food. But many people take their eyes out, for the stories of the people in Jonker Street. The tales of the citizens in Malacca is something that you do not hear every day, and can sometimes bring hidden messages or values to ourselves.

Now, one example that would like to be brought upon is this Erhu player in the picture. It may seem as if the classical instrument player is just a regular woman with her strings, but actually, her eyesight is barely functional, meaning to say she is blind. But looking at her passionately embracing her talent and joy for music has been something that catches most hearts of the citizens of Malacca and tourists. This lady lives in Jonker Street and would go out of her ‘house shop’ and play the Erhu, which is a traditional Chinese two-stringed instrument. The erhu itself is a very delicate instrument and requires precision and practice to play it, but judging by the way she plays, you can tell she’s had plenty of that.

Music has a strong effect on emotions. So it can produce calmness or rage or sadness or happiness. It creates an understanding that goes beyond words. All the soul seeks is expansion. All the mind knows is the information the body obtains through the 5 senses. Music helps create the emotional conditions for soul expansion as it makes you calm, happy and serene so that you are well prepared to go within in your meditation. It doesn’t matter whether you have a perfect fully functional body or any disabilities. When you have your passion, you will strive and give your very all in order to achieve your goals.

The voices of the people in Jonker Street is something that is said to be original and authentic. You can listen to it from different people and different versions but having to feel it , listen to it and understanding it yourself is an experience and an adventure worth taking.