What to do in Kuala Lumpur: Succulent Terrarium Workshop in KL

Succulents are plants which look fleshy in some parts. Succulents are more likely to store water in their structure, such as leaves or stems. Aloe is one of the examples of Succulents. When you touch the leaf of succulents, you will feel like touching the palm of a soft kitten.

Luckily, you can find the amazing experience of designing your own succulent terrarium with professional teacher in Byloka right now. Playing with soil and plants, is actually a healing process. Especially good for those who are suffering stress and anxiety, these lovely succulents can really calm you down.

Beautiful Succulent Terrarium Made by Like.A.Boss Workshop

Like.A.Boss is a place where boosts your productivity, and helps you to be concentrate on your work or study without getting disturbed.

Cozy Environment of Workshop

When you are tired of going to restaurants and movies for a date, why don’t you bring your friends or families here to enjoy an exordinary experience with them? The succulent workshop is one of the best place to visit in KL for relaxation.

Couples are Helping Each Other to Decorate Their Terrarium

There are all the tools that you might need for making terrarium in front of your desk. First of all, the host will introduce herself and everyone. And then she will briefly tell the topics that she is going to mention in class.

Various types of succulents are ready to be chosen

Choosing succulents is a very interesting process, it includes both artistic and also the scientific thoughts. At the same time you also need to consider the leaf size and colours. Because more vibrant the color is, more sunlight the succulents need. Another important factor for choosing succulent is that the location you are going to put your terrarium. Is it outdoor or indoor? Is it beside the bed or next to the window. Humidity of the location significantly affecting the growth of your succulents.

After choosing the different succulents. You need to put the soil into your terrarium according to the numbers of succulents. And then carefully plant the root of them. Host will also introducing the most popular designs for decoration of succulents according to their very own experience.

In the end, you can choose the small stones or the small figures of decoration to fill up the gap between plants. Remember not to use the big stones or figures. Because they might give excessive pressure to the root of the plant.

Host has prepared an early Christmas gift for everyone
There is always a piece of happiness when you create something by your own hands

Host also mentioned that:” Succulents live longer and healthier when they are together.” Isn’t it like us? No one wants to feel lonely. Actually, you can find a lot of fun and philosophy during the experience in workshop. It is a relaxing way for developing your operational ability and also the patience.

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