The peace and calmness of Kampung Lonek

The moment you arrived to the place, as you glaze through the green and breathtaking paddy fields, you find yourself in awe of every second. It would be the really perfect moment for looking for a calm, quiet, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. You’ll surely feel the restfulness and tranquility by the sound of nature around you. the people, staff, and others were so nice that it made the place very comfortable for tourists and guests. Greeted by well-orchestrated traditional music, played by the staff, it gives you the ‘vibes’ of you are already welcomed into the village.

Kampung Lonek is one of the villages that keeps in its heritage such as old houses, artifacts, history and so on. Their unique experiences include immersing yourself into the ‘kampung’ life by living with the local villagers. You will learn to eat like them, cook like them, live with them and dress like them. They also provide experience such like learning the traditional way to turn paddy into rice, how to make a Traditional Malaysian Dessert, the Dodol, and even learn how to play Traditional instruments, the Cak Lempong.

Tourists and also guests, mostly enjoy just walking throughout the village in the morning, taking the fresh air, and enjoying the sights of the villagers doing their daily morning routines, such as picking eggs from the chicken barn, gardening, feeding fishes and many more.

It’s very different and cozy in the village than in the city, especially in Kampung Lonek which has no plans for future modern development. A runaway trip from the concrete jungles to this relaxing and peaceful village is what everyone who is stressed out and tired needs. So come travel to Malaysia to join this trip of living the life of a Malaysian Villager. Have a memorable and lifetime experience once with us!! ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’