2 Days 1 Night Trip in Malacca

We cannot run away from life forever, but we can trip our self away for a while. So, how about taking yourself away for a moment? 2 Days 1 Night trip may be just what you need.

Day 1

Malacca City is one of the impressive attraction and you should not miss it! In Melaka, the thing that you should do in Melaka is sight-seeing all of these places.

Entrance fee: Free

Standing strong in Malacca is A’Famosa architectural. It is one of the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia. From Portuguese, to Dutch and British. This one place was undertaken and conquered by many.

Price:RM30 for its normal route

Next, we move to the Dutch Square Malacca. Dutch Square Malacca is the most picturesque along Jalan Kota. It also has a colorful trishaw pickup point. The trishaw in Malacca was called Becca.

Attractiveness: Buskers and souvenir stalls at the top of the hill

Next, we went to St. Paul’s Church. To get to the St. Paul’s Church, you will have to climb a steep of stairs gets to the top. It actually worth the climb because it is a beautiful, breezy sanctuary.

Attractiveness: Watermelon handbag, coconut ice cream, deep fried ice cream.

At night, we went to Jonker Street. What is more perfect at night rather than seeing the beautiful light. Light, beautiful building and unique type of food, Jonker Street has it all. Be it traditional footwear, delicacies, antiques or even trinkets.

Day 2

ETA: 20 minutes outside of Bandar Hilir

Do not stop the excitement just yet! Head down to the White Sand Dunes at Pantai Klebang, Melaka. Piled up 10 to 20 meters’ high, but if you like taking aesthetic pictures, this is another insta-worthy place that should be visited!

It is only 5-6 km away from Malacca City but from the White Sand Dunes, it takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Drop at Pantai Klebang as it offers you offers beach picnics kite flying, varied food trucks and coconut shakes.

Before leaving, have a taste of Klebang’s signature; the Klebang Coconut Shake. This will be the perfect fit dessert after a walking under the sunlight. Worry not, they also have other foods.

It is safe to say that Malacca is a favorite place for a quick getaway. So how are this 2 Days 1 Night trip sounds to you? If this does not fascinate you, why not check on our other activity, there’s always a trip for everyone!