Bylokan Local Food Stories; Adam’s Precious Dish

For this article, Byloka loves it when people tell about how one certain food can take them away back to a certain story, it gives the food a priceless sentimental value. One of our Bylokans is going to be telling his story about his favorite Malaysian food that has is a mixture of 2 or more foods, infused into one and tells a special story behind the delicacy.

Adam El-Muhammady: If you’re a pure Malaysian, and I’m not saying like the “woohoo I’m a Malaysian” but eats Nasi Kandar with a spoon and fork, I’m talking about real legit Malaysians that eats fried noodles with their HANDS! Anyway, if you’re a Malaysian, then it’s a very common thing for you to have Roti Canai for breakfast right? Some people even have something called Roti Banjir, which is where the Roti Canai is glazed and fountained over Dhal Curry and tinge of Fish Curry. Before we get started I’m going to explain basically what is Roti Canai. Roti Canai is an Indian-influenced flatbread dish found in several countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia. The dough is stretched and stretched until it becomes soft and is grilled over an intermediate fire until it becomes golden brown and crispy. sometimes some restaurants use the traditional charcoal stove for even burning, but nowadays people just use gas.

the ever-crispy Roti Canai. So good you get hungry by looking at it

Basically Roti Canai is like a full package because you have the bread, the beans from the dhal and also the curry. But have you ever imagined that one day, an innovation might occur? Well, it did Ladies and Gentleman, I’m talking about The Mansion Tea Stall, home of the Roti Canai Banjir Special.

do not be fooled by this slum-looking store, it has over more than 500 customers daily and on weekends hit more than 1000

Yes, located in the Center of Kuala Lumpur, the Mansion Tea Stall has been around since the 90s and has been a part of families for more than a decade, because it is THEN BEST FOOD IN TOWN. My dad himself went there with his friends during their teenage years. It used to be popular for being in the strategic place which is Jalan Masjid India.Now, it’s popular for their ‘kecik besar’ tea which is silky smooth, sweet at the right amount and flavourful, but I want to talk about their Roti Canai Banjir Special. Now, what makes their Roti Banjir so different from the rest? the answer is simple, Quality and Innovation. I’ll start with the Roti Canai. Their cook makes sure that the Roti Canai is golden brown before he stops cooking it, and once he does he gives the Roti Canai a clap so that the Roti Canai is cracked open while it’s still hot, giving it an extra crispy texture for when it cools down slowly. The Dhal Curry is thick, bursting of flavor and is pored at the right amount alongside the also well-cooked Sambal. Next, what I mean by innovation is when you see something original, but improved. What the Mansion Tea Stalls does it they add two half-boiled eggs to their Roti Banjir, making it a full meal for when you finish eating. Mixing all the gravy and eggs with the Roti, you get you full daily dose of protein, Carbs and also fiber. What more can you ask for?

will you just look at that beauty? amazing.

What makes this place more special is because of their warm welcome, where even though in a very full place, they never ever forget a customer or neglect anyone. My family and I have been going to The Mansion Tea Stall for as long as I can remember, and it’s safe to say that I will also introduce my friends and future family to this place for as long as they stand in Kuala Lumpur. This truly is a local story that many people and have come to love and I hope that The Mansion Tea Stall will become more recognized.

Bylokan Local Food Stories; Asyraf’s Delicacy Back Home

For this article, Byloka wants to focus on the beauty of Malaysian Cuisine. One of our Bylokans is going to be telling his story about his favourite Malaysian food that has been in our country for years and years and always focuses on the freshness and natural taste of each ingredient.

Muhammad Asyraf: My favorite local food would have to be the infamous Mee Udang. I have never tasted a more perfect combination than the Mee Udang. Beautiful- seasoned curry paste, mixed together with hand-stretched yellow noodles, accompanied by the zesty taste of the lime and some boiled eggs. Most importantly and not to be forgotten, the taste-burst of the Mee Udang, the prawns itself or known as ‘Udang’.

The perfect view of the Mee Udang

When we’re talking about where is the best place to get Mee Udang, I’m talking to the best place possible, which is at Yaakob Mee Udang Segar Pulau Sayak, Kedah. If you’ve ever been to Pulau Sayak, you will know that it is home to big, fresh and chunky prawns, and is a very perfect combination to the Mee Udang I was talking about. Just imagine, eating a bowl of fresh Mee Udang, each ingredient complimenting each taste, with each condiment complimenting additional taste, owh the savory!

While enjoying the scrumptious food, you can also enjoy the wonderful scenery

Every time my family and I go back to my hometown, which is in Kedah, it will be a compulsory necessity for us to go to Yaakob Mee Udang and have ourselves a bowl, sometimes two! It’s not only the generosity of the condiments that catches our eyes, but also the warm heart of the restaurant owners, Mr. Yaakob and his wife. It is surely a hidden gem that we’ve come to love.

Bylokan Local Food Stories; Amir’s family Relishment

The first thing you should know about Malaysians is they are passionate about food. Malaysia has inherited a vast array of cuisines from its melting pot of cultures. So a list of Malaysian food to try is bound to be unlike any other. When visiting Malaysia, do not attempt to take on Malaysian street food with impunity; you’ll be overwhelmed by the endless choices available to you. Visit any hawker center or noted food street, and you’ll encounter Malay specialties vying for attention among dishes concocted by other ethnic communities.

To get the full-on local feeling experience, we had the chance to ask a few locals, about what their favorite local food is and where it is the best place that we can get them.

Amir Akhiri: My favorite food would be the Ghee Tosai, the story goes a way back, when I was a kid I took Taekwondo classes every Sunday morning at 8 am, after class my parents usually brought the whole family to this one Indian restaurant called Lingam.

Here’s a visual representation of what a Ghee Thosai is

Lingam was so packed in the morning, as it is really famous among other Indians in Seremban for its Indian breakfast meals such as vadey, roti canai and other Indian dishes, but one thing they are really good cooking at is Ghee Tosai. Even with a great number of people, the people there are nice, communicative, and passionate about their food.

It is really famous among other Indians in Seremban for its Indian breakfast meals such as vadey, roti canai and other Indian dishes .

– Amir Akhiri
One of the main delicacies is also the Mee Goreng Mamak.

I still remember my first taste of Ghee Tosai, the warm and crunchiness on the edges was on point, and as you get to the middle, the cheese-like smell coming from the Tosai makes my stomach grumble as I took a soft bite from the center of the Tosai, it was, a really good Tosai. It was so good that our family still have our breakfast there usually on a Sunday even after 10 years! Ordering the same Tosai! We take it as a family bonding activity, also because parking is free on Sunday.

The classical sign of the Lingam restaurant is what catches ‘Instagram-worthy’ visitors

We went there for so long that even the aunty and chef remembers us as that one Malay family that always comes by on a Sunday for a good Indian breakfast. Whenever we come by they will always help us arrange the tables as we are a big family.

The peace and calmness of Kampung Lonek

The moment you arrived to the place, as you glaze through the green and breathtaking paddy fields, you find yourself in awe of every second. It would be the really perfect moment for looking for a calm, quiet, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. You’ll surely feel the restfulness and tranquility by the sound of nature around you. the people, staff, and others were so nice that it made the place very comfortable for tourists and guests. Greeted by well-orchestrated traditional music, played by the staff, it gives you the ‘vibes’ of you are already welcomed into the village.

Kampung Lonek is one of the villages that keeps in its heritage such as old houses, artifacts, history and so on. Their unique experiences include immersing yourself into the ‘kampung’ life by living with the local villagers. You will learn to eat like them, cook like them, live with them and dress like them. They also provide experience such like learning the traditional way to turn paddy into rice, how to make a Traditional Malaysian Dessert, the Dodol, and even learn how to play Traditional instruments, the Cak Lempong.

Tourists and also guests, mostly enjoy just walking throughout the village in the morning, taking the fresh air, and enjoying the sights of the villagers doing their daily morning routines, such as picking eggs from the chicken barn, gardening, feeding fishes and many more.

It’s very different and cozy in the village than in the city, especially in Kampung Lonek which has no plans for future modern development. A runaway trip from the concrete jungles to this relaxing and peaceful village is what everyone who is stressed out and tired needs. So come travel to Malaysia to join this trip of living the life of a Malaysian Villager. Have a memorable and lifetime experience once with us!! ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’

Music that speaks from the soul

The Jonker Street in Malacca is always associated with Shopping, Heritage and also food. But many people take their eyes out, for the stories of the people in Jonker Street. The tales of the citizens in Malacca is something that you do not hear every day, and can sometimes bring hidden messages or values to ourselves.

Now, one example that would like to be brought upon is this Erhu player in the picture. It may seem as if the classical instrument player is just a regular woman with her strings, but actually, her eyesight is barely functional, meaning to say she is blind. But looking at her passionately embracing her talent and joy for music has been something that catches most hearts of the citizens of Malacca and tourists. This lady lives in Jonker Street and would go out of her ‘house shop’ and play the Erhu, which is a traditional Chinese two-stringed instrument. The erhu itself is a very delicate instrument and requires precision and practice to play it, but judging by the way she plays, you can tell she’s had plenty of that.

Music has a strong effect on emotions. So it can produce calmness or rage or sadness or happiness. It creates an understanding that goes beyond words. All the soul seeks is expansion. All the mind knows is the information the body obtains through the 5 senses. Music helps create the emotional conditions for soul expansion as it makes you calm, happy and serene so that you are well prepared to go within in your meditation. It doesn’t matter whether you have a perfect fully functional body or any disabilities. When you have your passion, you will strive and give your very all in order to achieve your goals.

The voices of the people in Jonker Street is something that is said to be original and authentic. You can listen to it from different people and different versions but having to feel it , listen to it and understanding it yourself is an experience and an adventure worth taking.

Melaka’s Golden Delicacy

Melaka is known as a haven for yummy local food and many people love going there during the holidays for a delicious food road trip. If you are familiar with Melaka, then you would know that one of the most famous food there is none other than their signature chicken rice balls that takes chicken rice to the next level. It’s basically taking the fragrant chicken rice you know and love then shaping the rice into cute little golf ball sizes. Of course, the meal isn’t complete with some tender yet firm chicken meat, and its tangy chili sauce. So, where did this local delicacy get its round shape from?

Malacca was said to be very busy 24/7. There was never a specific lunch time, or a time to each a hot plate of rice, or so they thought.

One of the stories starts with Hoe Kee, one of the most popular chicken rice ball shops in Melaka according to ‘Eating Asia’. The story begins from decades ago, a fisherman who was arrested when pursuing a catch in the Indonesian waters, so his wife had no choice but to be the breadwinner of the family and decided to sell Hainanese chicken rice at Melaka’s main jetty to the laborers working at the docks. she thought up and idea to sell her rice by rolling it into tennis-sized balls so that the workers could handle the rice easily and carry it around. Other theories come in that it was created by chefs so that workers can keep their food warm and not dry, while others also said it was for the ease of transportation.

Bylokan had the chance to try one very famous place for its Halal Chicken rice balls, which is the My Chicken Rice, located literally in the middle of Jonker Street. For us, the location is centrally located in the tourist spot, as it is in the middle of Jonker Street and it serves one of the best chicken rice balls we have ever had. We also had their bean sprouts and also their tauhu, which is what we would advise you to get alongside your delicious rice balls. The halal status of this shop is also certified so that Muslim Visitors will not have any hesitation. So, if you’re looking for a top-notch meal in Melaka, head over to My chicken Rice, and let your cravings be fulfilled.

the standard potion comes in 5 rice balls but you can always ask for more

However, there are always a few more choices of chicken rice balls outside from Malacca that you can try out :

-Ban Huat Heng Kopitiam, CG-5, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Section 17, PJ.

– Restoran Piau Hiong, , Jalan Gelugor, Klang.

-月萍豆芽雞(Air Itam Famous Bean Sprout Chicken) 66 & 68, Lebuh Kimberley, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang

-Brother Mong’s Chicken Rice Balls,
Skudai, Johor, Malaysia

The Story of Mr Abu the Noble Cobbler

One of Mr Abu’s favourite places .

In a city full of energetic and noisy honk sounds made by thousands of cars on busy roads of KL, lives Mr.Abu, an old man who is also a cobbler. He loves to donate shoes to the kids who cannot afford to buy them. Mr.Abu spends all his time making shoes and donate it to the poor. This makes him feel happy and blessed and at the end of the day, knowing that he cannot give them anything fancy but just a pair of shoes.

Mr.Abu never stayed in one place, he keeps shifting from one place to the another in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. Usually, he would go to places such as outside of convenience stores or banks, the places where he knows the homeless people would usually be at. Mr.Abu claims that he has done this for 6 years but on no occasion, he eventually gets tired of making shoes and decided to offer them to the needy.

When we asked about his stories, there was one story that really touched our heart. A very heart-wrenching story, I would say. One day he noticed a little boy who was sitting in one corner and crying. He immediately rushed towards him and asked him why he was crying. The boy looked at his face with the tears in his eyes and replied to Mr Abu that he had starved himself for a few days and did not eat anything. Mr.Abu felt sorry for him and he quickly went inside the 7-Eleven convenient store and got him a bunch of food and snacks for him to fill his tummy. The boy was so happy and couldn’t thank him enough.

A few weeks later, Mr.Abu saw the boy in very good shape, and surprisingly, the boy bought him a wooden stool for him to sit on while making shoes, new shoes for him to give to other kids, and also a hat to protect him from the heat of Kuala Lumpur. The kid told him that the food Mr.Abu donated to him, provide him some energy to work extra hours and gain more money and he was so thankful on the day he met Mr.Abu.

The story teaches us to have some courage and be kind to those who are in need. The more you give, the more you will get back. The story gave a huge impact on our team and we decided to tell his story to the world, with permission from him of course. The stories within the concrete jungle are something worth to be listened to. Mr.Abu and other people inside of Kuala Lumpur each have their own story and golden values that they hold onto, which we can also take and make it ours.



据搜索显示,长颈族是由泰国北部与缅甸边界的克伦族和巴东族组成,并且只能在Mae Hong Son Loop才能看到真正的带着项圈生活的长颈族。










榴莲之王究竟是什么呢? 现在您的心里一定有了一个答案,但是这个答案对不对呢?请您带着这个疑问来听我慢慢和您说。。





现在重头戏来啦!!!! 这里不容错过哦,接下来为大家介绍一下比较常见的榴莲品种,排序不分先后,无特殊含义哦。














5.D24又称“苏丹 ”












说到这里我不得不提一件事 :









  • 吉隆坡塔——Sky Box


在吉隆坡塔距离地面350米的高空上悬挂着两个全玻璃制作的sky box,又称天空之盒。在那里你可以光脚走进盒子,去感受脚下的吉隆坡城,还可以看到不远处的双子塔并360度全方位的欣赏吉隆坡的美以及远处此起彼伏的山峰。

  • 槟城光大大厦——Rainbow Skywalk


Rainbow Skywalk(又称彩虹天空步道)是2016年12月开始营业的项目。它悬挂在光大大厦最高层68楼,采用全玻璃的U型设计,总长17米,距离地面249米。穿上鞋套走在上面可以全方位无死角的将槟城尽收眼底。在上面不会允许很多人哦,也就是说您的照片不会有人乱入哦。


  • 槟城光大大厦——Gravityz走道高空漫步挑战



  • 吉隆坡飞机驾驶体验