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Wild Boar Hill Hike + Saliva Dripping Breakfast



English, Chinese, Malay

1 - 4 Travellers

Meet at meeting point then depart for the special Wild Boar Hill guided hike.

What makes this hike special is that the hill top is also frequented by a family of wild boars who often congregate at the Jungle Gym area. These normally shy creatures seem to have become accustomed to humans and probably find it easier to scavenge a meal from scraps left behind by people rather than foraging around for edible roots which is their traditional diet.

There are a lot of rudimentary exercise equipment at the jungle gym for those seeking a workout.

According to the Health gizmo on my phone, the distance walked for the hike is about 3km or 5000 steps, equivalent to 59 floors climbed.

After the hike, we will go to nearby area for best local non touristy breakfast. Lots of very tasty local food will be provided at there.

Calorie Burner

City Highlights

Food Hunter

Wildlife Explorer


Day 1 - 7:00

Meet up at meeting point

Day 1 - 7:30

Start hiking wild boar hill, rest at hill peak etc

Day 1 - 9:00

Reached car to depart to breakfast location and having lots of tasty food breakfast at there

Day 1 - 11:00

Back to meeting point or drop off at nearby LRT station

Tour Conditions

Smart casual

Physical Strength Required

Children friendly

Price Conditions


Foods & Meal(s) are included during the trip. (Please note that alcohol is always excluded)


Public or private transportation fares : taxi, bts, mrt, etc are included (Please estimate the cost of gasoline or vehicle rental fee, in case of using a private car)

Price Conditions




Why this trip?

Wildlife lover (wild boar)
Suitable for family/kids and fun
Saliva Dripping Nice Local Breakfast at a non-touristy place(Best way to know local food is via a local guide)

Things to prepare for the trip

Plain water to drink,
T-shirt to change after sweating much due to hiking

Meeting Point

PWTC LRT Station

Free Hotel Pickup at

Chow Kit/PWTC

How to get there

Take LRT or grabcar/taxi


We will change to another day or wait till the rain to stop on the same day

T-shirt, short pant(can also be long pant), and sport shoe


MYR 184 / Person