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Byloka - Kuala Lumpur Food,Heritage,Cultural and Historical journey

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Food,Heritage,Cultural and Historical journey


English, Malay

1 - 7 Travellers

Are you an explorer? A history junkie?A nature lover? Having thirst for travel,culture,arts and human civilization? I would make your travel worth every penny for your experiences. The first stop is Batu Caves and Ramayana Temple.Get to know the history of million years old lime stone cave surrounded by nature and historical temples part of UNESCO heritage. Explore the mythological stories depicted on temple stone on how the ancient war of Hindu civilization started in Ramayana temple. These two main temples are a must visit to enrich your knowledge and perception about the influence of Hinduism in South East Asian culture.

The second stop would be Kanching waterfall. Rainforests in Malaysia is something to be experienced at least once in a lifetime and that too in the middle of the hustling KL city. Kanching waterfall is situated in the depth of rainforest and is well maintained for tourists to visit the entire 7th tier of waterfalls to be explored.The trails are built up to the 4th tier and the remaining trails are painted to mark the journey to the top tier. You will see one the oldest reserved forest with monkeys and other small animals moving freely in their habitat without humans disturbance. Dip you feet in the chilling crystal clear water and also enjoy the silent breezing nature with the sound of water and if you are simply lucky,you might get free treatment of fish spa from the natural ecosystem itself.

The next stop would be Little India Brickfields, a street with a mix of Indian and Malaysian culture and history. Walk along the street greeted with the scent of Jasmine flowers and the sound of uplifting Indian music. Walking down the street, there are many shops that specialize in Indian goods for daily necessities such as spices and flowers for deities offering, colourful Indian garments, and food. The streets are short and the items on sale are enough to dazzle you. We will have our lunch from one of the most famous claypot Indian rice food and not forgetting to drink local Indian coffee well known as filter coffee and a piece of delicious local made sweet for your sweet tooth!

Once lunch is over,we will embark to the King's residence and the monarch of Malaysian constitution.I would explain briefly from the history to the functionality of this monarchy to the tourist.

We will then head to Thean Hou Temple denoted to sea goddess Mazu,one of the most popular Chinese deity among the local Hokkien chinese community. This temple in Malaysia is influenced by Taoist philosophy and Buddhist religion. Get to know about one of the oldest and largest temple in South East Asia.

The next stop, we will visit the downtown of Kuala Lumpur where you can check on the itinerary. These attractions are rich in historical and cultural background of Kuala Lumpur's development from a muddy estuary to one of the top ten most visited city in the world.It all started here,at the Independent Square from the day the independence of the country was announced.Learn the struggle of the locals during Japanese invasion of the local people and how the city was built from scratch leaving behind the black day on trail to develop Malaysia into a country with multiracial unity.

Lastly, we will visit Sri Maha Mariamman temple and witness the rituals conducted in the temple and the mythological stories about each statue in that temple,why it is placed in such way and also why this temple was built. Stay tuned!

Petaling Street, also well known as Chinatown due to the influence of Chinese business,culture and trade is preserved strongly by the closest family knit for more than hundred years. A strong traditional customs, especially at night, vendors along the street selling goods;you will experience the traditional shopping atmosphere and how the haggling process among the local communities happen. They also serve a variety of delicious food, for your taste and do not be surprised that some restaurants are handed down from generations to generations without any trace of change on the taste of food mostly handmade from scratch. You might as well indulge yourself with local delicacies and enjoy what the street can offer.

City Highlights

Cultural Heritage

Local Food & Drinks

Rural & Nature Escape


Day 1 - 8:30

Meet up at meeting point and depart to Batu Caves.

Day 1 - 9:00

First stop at Batu Caves and Ramayana Temple, one of the most popular natural limestone cave houses Hindu shrines outside of India.

Day 1 - 10:30

Next,let's head to Kanching Waterfall to immerse in cold rain forest water surrounded with nature. Get yourself mesmerized with both flora and fauna of rain forest beauty and we will climb up to the 4th tier!

Day 1 - 12:30

Visit Little India Brickfields and have scrumptious local food, coffee and sweets. We will pass through the colourful Indian streets while I explain about the history of how this traders end up here and why the street had been "Indianized".

Day 1 - 13:30

Visit Thean Hou Temple, one of the oldest and largest temple in Southeast Asia, get to know the culture of Chinese Hokkien community,Taoism philosophy and the influence of Buddhism among the local Chinese

Day 1 - 15:00

Visit Malaysian Palace,the residence of the Malaysian Monarch or the King of the country.Here you can see the extravagant palace and a brief explanation of the constitution and Malaysian political environment

Day 1 - 16:00

Visit Masjid Jamek,River of Life, and Independence Square. Get to know the pillar of Kuala Lumpur's development and snap amazing pictures of historical buildings dated back to 1902

Day 1 - 17:00

Visit Mariamman temple and watch the religious rituals conducted by the priest and the hstory behind the formation of this temple and the architectural meaning according to Hindu scriptures.

Day 1 - 18:00

I will provide you with complimentary visit to Chinatown if time permits

Tour Conditions

Flexible plan

Children friendly

Price Conditions


Public or private transportation fares : taxi, bts, mrt, etc are included (Please estimate the cost of gasoline or vehicle rental fee, in case of using a private car)

Price Conditions


Extra Expenses

You may need to bring extra pocket money for your own personal expenses (eg: food/snacks, souvenirs)


Why this trip?

Looking for a blend of city and village life in a culture uniquely different from yours? Do you wish to experience the friendly local's lifestyle filled with both tradition and modernity? Do you want to see the world off nature and modern architecture co-existing together? Allow me to bring the best of Kuala Lumpur to your sight. You will get to enjoy both relaxing atmosphere and nostalgic vibes simultaneously. Have a knack for trying out new food? You would never want to miss the chance to taste the mouth watering local food that you could never get anywhere.
Our memorable tour is a combination of wonderful places,blend of cultures,languages,activities and foods.
Are there any specific places on your bucket list? No matter what's your preferences,you will get the best out of this trip! Contact me and I'll bring you there.
Let’s experience the adventurous tour in Kuala Lumpur with your personalized ideas too.
I'm excited to meet you!

How about more than one day trip? You would also want a day trip,two days or a week trip? Do you desire to experience the holistic world of east Malaysia? Would you like to explore the depth of countryside in Malaysia, the century preserved olden days vintage lifestyle? Would you like to explore more states in Malaysia with different vibes,sightseeing and preserved local culture specifically for tourists? Would you like to stay with aboriginal people and get to know their lifestyles? Do you like to put your hand on local cooking classes and taste the food of different ethnicity? Feel free to buzz me to accommodate your preferences.I will customize the tours according to your need and wants.

Things to prepare for the trip

Please as well bring a raincoat, hat/cap, sunblock lotion, insect repellent, sports shoe to climb waterfall area and extra clothes(or you can buy here if you wish to).

Meeting Point

Free Hotel Pickup at

Free pickup services within Kuala Lumpur area.

How to get there

I will pick the tourists from their hotel.We will have our private tour with my own car.


If the weather does not permit, we will proceed with indoor or the trip might need to be rescheduled

Make sure you keep all of your belongings safe with you.
Children must be under adult supervision.

You can wear anything casual and comfortable. Sport shoes is recommended.


MYR 345 / Person