Serendah, Selangor

Kampung Style Retreat (Pulasan Chalet)

English, Chinese, Malay

2 - 4 Travellers

Find some escape from the city to a Kampung style house and enjoy nature for a while with some Kampung activities like fruit plucking depends on the season, fishing, playing congkak, jogging, and few other healthy activities.

You will enjoy the stay here with a few activities that you can do without having any interaction with the outside world and just focus on your self, family, and friends. You can build up a relationship with your family and bond with them.

Chillax Retreat

Rural Escape


Local Living


Day 1 - 2:00

Meet up at the meeting point and check in to Carpe Diem.

Day 1 - 3:00

Freshen up and the Travellers can start to do activities.

Day 1 - 3:30

Travelers can start by playing some indoor activities.

Day 1 - 5:30

Travelers can start to do some fishing activities

Day 1 - 7:30

Dinner or travelers can request for BBQ and some light indoor activities.

Day 1 - 10:00

supper time and end of the activity.

Day 2 - 7:45

Have some Jogging and breakfast.

Day 2 - 9:00

Travelers can go to fruit plucking, swimming, and farming

Day 2 - 12:00

check out and activity ended.

Tour Conditions

Smart casual

Flexible plan

Children friendly

Seasonal activity

Halal food available

Price Conditions


Foods & Meal(s) are included during the trip. (Please note that alcohol is always excluded)

Admission fee

Admission fee: Amusement park, gallery, shows, and etc are included


Accommodation, Hotel, Motel and etc are included

Price Conditions


Admission fee


Extra Expenses

Travelers can use the extra money for transportation.


Why this trip?

People can have some Kampung Retreat where they can release some stress of working and spend some quality time with family members, friends or children, and bond with them. together you can enjoy some activities and ensure that together, all of you can be happy and get to release some tension.

Got some Kampung activity like fishing, Give food to the animals like chicken and the duck and feel the Kampung environment itself. No TV and WIFI thus, you will be able to focus on your surroundings and people around you.

Things to prepare for the trip

prepare some identification document and some medicine for your self.

Meeting Point

Carpe diem, Serendah

How to get there

Use Car through Plus Highway and go to Rawang.

Use Train from KL Sentral to Rawang and take a taxi to Serendah.

Travel Note

The price range of the room is different and Travellers need to ask which room they prefer.


Travellers can have some indoor activity and relaxing.

personal belongings are under own supervision.

suitable clothes for the activity.


MYR 552 / Person