Batu Kikir, Bahau

Hike with Teacher Ramlan




English, Malay

2 - 8 Travellers

See an amazing natural wave rock in Bukit Baginda and history telling about Bukit Baginda by Teacher Ramlan a local teacher who was born and raised in Kg. Pauh, Batu Kikir. Teacher Ramlan.
Hiking with teacher Ramlan will give you extraordinary experience where you will be able to listen to history telling by teacher Ramlan about Bukit Baginda and also learn about lives where he will give you few usefull advice for life.

Bukit Baginda was famous for its wave rock and about 1476 Feet above the Sea Level, 4.4 Km back and forth and takes about 1.2 or 2 hours to reach the peak.

Calorie Burner

Cultural Heritage

Rural Escape

Wildlife Explorer


Day 1 - 8:00

Meet Up at kampung Majau Mosque

Day 1 - 8:30

Light breakfast and safety briefing to the travelers

Day 1 - 9:15

start hiking Bukit Baginda.

Day 1 - 11:15

Reach the peak of the Bukit Baginda

Day 1 - 11:30

visit the Summit and have some pictures taken

Day 1 - 14:00

Have some lunch and the trip will come to end.

Tour Conditions

Smart casual

Flexible plan

Physical Strength Required

Children friendly

Price Conditions


Foods & Meal(s) are included during the trip. (Please note that alcohol is always excluded)

Admission fee

Admission fee: Amusement park, gallery, shows, and etc are included

Price Conditions


Admission fee

Extra Expenses

Travelers can bring extra money for souveniers. Food with Us !!


Why this trip?

Bukit Baginda has unique rock called as ' wave Rock" and it got two mysterious graves called "Makam Bagindo". before starting the hiking, the first checkpoint would be Batu Besar or called "big rock". 90 % of the trail would be so steep and thus whoever likes to challenge themselves can come and try it by yourself. after hiking about 1 to 2 hour would be able to see the nice view of the " Wave Rock" and the nature surrounding that is so magnificent.

Things to prepare for the trip

Foreigners can bring their passport and the local can bring their identification card.

Meeting Point

Kg Pauh ,Batu Kikir

How to get there

Use Waze or Google Maps by searching "Masjid Kariah Kampung Majau, Batu Kikir "

Travel Note

Passport for foreigners and identification card for local it is to get the permission form the authority


The hiking will be canceled and go to another day

Please ensure that you did not have any disease like asthma, heart attack and have good mental and physical health.

Sports wear and other suitable clothes for hiking.


MYR 230 / Person