Endau, Johor

Great escape at Kampung Peta



English, Malay

2 - 40 Travellers

this tour will let you explore on the second largest rain forest in Malaysia. the forest where you can find very epic flora and fauna. you can enhance your adventures skills and passion. a 2 days 1 night trip where we will bring you around kampung peta. you will learn how to live like indigenous people. also not to forget you will visit the indigenous people store. not forget a night walk where you can enjoy the calmness of the mighty jungle. we also will trek to kuala marong, upih gulung waterfall and air biru lake for swimming. come and join us for the unforgettable experience.

Calorie Burner

Rural Escape

Wildlife Explorer


Day 1 - 9:00

Meet up at meeting point

Day 1 - 11:30

register at park HQ

Day 1 - 12:00


Day 1 - 13:00

guide will show you about medical plant

Day 1 - 14:00

trek to NERC

Day 1 - 15:00

tubing floating down river from NERC to kampung peta

Day 1 - 16:00

tea time

Day 1 - 17:00

cooking chicken in the bamboo

Day 1 - 19:30


Day 1 - 20:00

night walk

Day 1 - 22:00

lights out

Day 2 - 8:00


Day 2 - 9:00

boat ride to jetty pacau

Day 2 - 10:00

trek to kuala marong

Day 2 - 11:00

continue trek to upih guling waterfall

Day 2 - 12:00


Day 2 - 13:00

trek to tasik air biru

Day 2 - 14:00

trek back to kuala jasin

Day 2 - 15:00

boatride to kampung peta

Day 2 - 16:30

tea time

Day 2 - 18:00

free activities

Day 2 - 19:30


Day 2 - 20:00

boat night

Day 2 - 22:00


Day 3 - 8:00


Day 3 - 9:00

demonstration blowpipe and trap

Day 3 - 10:00

visit souvenir shop and play orang asli game (fuzzle)

Day 3 - 12:00


Day 3 - 13:00

depart from kampung peta to kluang or mersing bus station

Tour Conditions

Flexible plan

Physical Strength Required

Price Conditions


Foods & Meal(s) are included during the trip. (Please note that alcohol is always excluded)


Public or private transportation fares : taxi, bts, mrt, etc are included (Please estimate the cost of gasoline or vehicle rental fee, in case of using a private car)

Admission fee

Admission fee: Amusement park, gallery, shows, and etc are included


Accommodation, Hotel, Motel and etc are included

Price Conditions



Admission fee


Extra Expenses

pocket money


Why this trip?

uniqueness of our trip:
- Guide by local people who are really expert about their land
-affordable price
-guider is friendly
-enjoy the amazing flora and fauna
-feel the calmness of forest during night time

Things to prepare for the trip

mosquito repellent, snacks and mineral water.

Meeting Point

kluang bus station

Free Hotel Pickup at

We provide a pick up service at bus terminal kluang and mersing

How to get there

- if you are in Kuala Lumpur you can buy a express bus' s ticket at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan and head to terminal bus kluang or Mersing. then we will pick up you there. ticket bus around rm 30.
- you can drive and head to meeting point. if you are from Kuala lumpur, it will take around 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Travel Note

-have a pickup service
-don't be late
-bring medicine or mint oil to avoid sea sickness
- this is camping accommodation, do contact tour guide to upgrade your
accommodation to chalet. extra charges will be charges


-we will wait until rain stop or we will re arrange the date.
- we will refund the payment

-always follow guider order
- we will not responsible for any lost belonging

- sport attire
-wear shoes
-wear stocking
-suggested to use long sleeve and long pants


MYR 0 / Person