Taiping, Perak

Enjoying Taiping Raintown Journey.



English, Chinese, Malay

1 - 4 Travellers

A private tour to discovery my hometown's historical places that including more 30 first in country and also is the 2018 Sustainable Destinations Top 100, Taiping & century fishing village, Kuala Sepetang (formerly knows as Port Weld) . Enjoy the local foods & drinks like fish ball char kuey teow, local seafood, fried sweet banana, cendol, hor ka sai, black coffee etc.

Outdoors & Adventures

Cultural Heritage

City Highlights

Local Food & Drinks

Rural & Nature Escape

City Highlights


Day 1 - 9:00

Meet up at meeting point.

Day 1 - 9:15

Walk a long the first public lake garden in country previously is tin mine site under the rain tree.

Day 1 - 9:45

Visit the most historical coffee mill in country, the aroma of black coffee.

Day 1 - 10:15

Taiping city tour on the way to next point.

Day 1 - 10:30

Visiting the most branded mineral water factory in country (only available on weekday) & their ecopark.

Day 1 - 12:00

Enjoy the local signification foods.

Day 1 - 13:30

Visit the Larut Wars story's museum.

Day 1 - 14:00

Explore the colorful of dragon joystick.

Day 1 - 15:00

Visit the largest & historical black charcoal factory in country. Explore the making process of it and the history.

Day 1 - 15:45

Explore the fishing village of Kuala Sepetang before the boat tour start.

Day 1 - 16:15

Boat tour.

Day 1 - 17:00

Enjoy seafood dinner before end trip.

Day 1 - 18:00

End trip.

Tour Conditions

Smart casual

Flexible plan

Children friendly

Halal food available

Price Conditions


Public or private transportation fares : taxi, bts, mrt, etc are included (Please estimate the cost of gasoline or vehicle rental fee, in case of using a private car)

Admission fee

Admission fee: Amusement park, gallery, shows, and etc are included

Price Conditions


Admission fee

Extra Expenses

Meal expenses, personal expenses, transportation expenses for public transportation after the end of trip, accommodation expenses if stay overnight at Taiping.


Why this trip?

Join my private tour to discovery Taiping & Kuala Sepetang. Recently Taiping listed in 2018 Sustainable Destinations Top 100.

Visit Taiping Lake Garden, heritage city tour, oldest coffee mill, mineral water factory & ecopark, enjoy the local food for lunch, Larut Wars story's museum, colorful of dragon joystick, black charcoal factory, mangrove forest boardwalk (2019 temporary closed for maintenance), boat tour for fishing village river cruise with eagles catching the foods and feeding the fish in fish farm, having seafood dinner before leaving.

The words in here can't describe everything, please book my trip to feel your own & experience its. You will definitely fall in love with Taiping end of the trip.

Things to prepare for the trip

Raincoat, umbrella, cap or hat, sun block lotion, mosquito repellent, personal medicine, passport/ID.

Meeting Point

Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

Free Hotel Pickup at

Free hotel pickup at Taiping area only. Extra charges apply for any pick up outside from Taiping.

How to get there

We recommend to take train from Kuala Lumpur or Butterworth (Penang) to Taiping Railway Station.

Travel Note

Please plan your journey if taking public transportation.


Plan may have change according on that day weather.

Please keep safe your belongings.



Age 2-12

MYR 276 / Person