Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Authentic Seremban Cuisine & Historial Culture


English, Chinese, Malay

1 - 3 Travellers

Historically, Negeri Sembilan is influenced by the Minangkabau's. Seremban is also well known for its some of the authentic cuisine, namely:

1) Malay - Nasi Padang or Minangkabau dishes. The famous local dishes is Gulai Masak Lemak Cili Api which is fish or meat cooked in coconut gravy mixed with turmeric and cili padi (bird's eye chili).

2) Chinese - Siew Pao (flaky pastry bun filled with meat fillings), baked crabs, thick sauce beef noodles.

3) Apam Johol - Apam johol or apam daun rambai is a traditional food in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The food is wrapped in rambai leaves to preserve the aroma

Minangkabau, derived from the Malay word menang kerbau, which means "winning buffalo", are famous for their unique roof architecture which resembles buffalo horns. Which is why we will bring you to one of the state museum, or you can choose to have mural wall street art for some selfie moment.

Cultural Heritage

Local Food & Drinks

City Highlights


Day 1 - 9:00

Meet up at meeting point – Batang Benar KTM Station

Day 1 - 9:15

Start our journey to Kuala Pilah to taste and buy authentic Apam Johol

Day 1 - 10:15

Food tasting and having simple chat with the chef who made Apam Johol

Day 1 - 12:00

Back to Seremban and start the historical Culture of Seremban – Negeri Sembilan State Museum, and/ or check out Lorong Seni – Mural Wall art.

Day 1 - 13:30

Lunch for Authentic Minangkabau/ Padang food

Day 1 - 15:30

Drop off at Seremban KTM Station and see you my friend

Tour Conditions

Smart casual

Flexible plan

Children friendly

Halal food available

Price Conditions


Foods & Meal(s) are included during the trip. (Please note that alcohol is always excluded)


Public or private transportation fares : taxi, bts, mrt, etc are included (Please estimate the cost of gasoline or vehicle rental fee, in case of using a private car)

Price Conditions



Extra Expenses

Some pocket money for expenses like souvenirs or snack if you like


Why this trip?

Because food speaks the history and culture of one country. For this, the hunt goes on for authentic/ traditional food tasting of Seremban.

Things to prepare for the trip

Casual Wear

Meeting Point

Batang Benar, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

How to get there

Take KTM train to Batang Benar KTM station.




Age 2-12

MYR 460 / Person