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Byloka - 3 days 2 nights package in Lancang Rainforest.

Lanchang, Pahang

3 days 2 nights package in Lancang Rainforest.


English, Malay

10 - 50 Travellers

for those who seek a nature camping program or forest kind of vibe can join us. where we will bring you into the deep of Lancang Rainforest pahang where the jungle here is very spectacular and epic because it is conserve and take a good care by the people around here.

this package you will have a experience guide and trainer, camping meals, usage of camping site and facilities and of course a certificate that shows you one of the participant of the love nature program.

day 1, when you meet at the meeting point. you have a report yourself and we will have a short briefing follow up by welcome drink. then you will rest and have a dinner. after that we will have a special briefing about the whole program, camping objective, introducing of deerland and persuade you guys to love and appreciate the nature. the we will doing some activity such as ice breaking and jungle trekking.
day 2, after breakfast we will have some basic life surviving skills such as practical cooking, trap, blowpipe competition and recognizing herbs. follow up by nature treasure a game where will test your leadership skills , trustworthy, intelligence and time management. after that we will visit some animal world of deerland and visit indegenous village. the, we will do some high rope activity. for dinner we will doing some BBQ and cultural night.
day 3, after the breakfast, we will doing some telematch such as bottle fishing and village bowling. follow up by jungle trekking.

Outdoors & Adventures

City Highlights

Cooking & Arts Workshop

Rural & Nature Escape

City Highlights


Day 1 - 17:30

-Meet up at meeting point
-report duty

Day 1 - 18:00

-short breifing
(itinerary and camp rule)
-welcome drink

Day 1 - 18:30

-bedding set up

Day 1 - 20:30


Day 1 - 21:00

-special briefing
(camping objective, introducing deerland and loves nature)
-ice breaking
(task and responsibility)

Day 1 - 22:00

jungle trekking

Day 1 - 23:45


Day 2 - 7:30

morning refreshment

Day 2 - 8:00


Day 2 - 8:30

basic life survivor skills
(grouping practical cooking, trap, blowpipe competition and recognizing herbs)

Day 2 - 10:30

tea time

Day 2 - 11:30

find nature treasure
(test the leadership, trustworthy, intelligence, and time management)

Day 2 - 13:00


Day 2 - 14:00

-visit deerland
-visit indigenous village

Day 2 - 17:00

high rope activity

Day 2 - 18:30

self management

Day 2 - 19:00


Day 2 - 20:30

-cultural night

Day 2 - 21:45

jungle trekking

Day 2 - 23:45


Day 3 - 7:00

morning refreshment

Day 3 - 8:00


Day 3 - 8:30


Day 3 - 9:30

jungle trekking

Day 3 - 13:00


Day 3 - 14:00


Day 3 - 15:00

closing ceremony

Tour Conditions

Flexible plan

Physical Strength Required

Halal food available

Price Conditions


Foods & Meal(s) are included during the trip. (Please note that alcohol is always excluded)

Admission fee

Admission fee: Amusement park, gallery, shows, and etc are included


Accommodation, Hotel, Motel and etc are included

Price Conditions


Admission fee


Extra Expenses

Pocket moeny for transportation expenses


Why this trip?

-affordable price
-experience and license tour guide
-local guide expertise
-spectacular Malaysian rainforest
-learn about surviving skills

Things to prepare for the trip

-extra attire
-mosquito and insect repellent
-water bottle
-cap or hat

Meeting Point

Deerland lancang pahang

How to get there

If you are from Kuala Lumpur you can drive straight to meeting point. it will takes around an hours and half

Travel Note

-parking provided
-dont be late
-package include meals and guider
-certificate provided


- waiting for rain to stop
-doing some indoor activity

-all belonging under owner responsibilities
-do follow guider order

- sport attire
-must bring shoes
-bring cap or hat


MYR 310.5 / Person