Bagan Datoh, Perak

1 Day Bagan Datok Sky Mirror & Seafood tour



English, Malay

2 - 10 Travellers

We will bring you to see the blue tears in Bagan Datok Sky Mirror and have some seafood tour there. We will bring you to see the amazing blue tears in the Bagan Datok. Besides that, we will ensure that you get to taste the delicious seafood there.

Outdoors & Adventures

Island Explore


Day 1 - 7:00

We will pick you up from your hotel in Ipoh and we will transfer you to Bagan Datok.

Day 1 - 8:15

Arrived at Bagan Datok and we will start our activity there

Day 1 - 12:00

we will have some seafood as our lunch

Day 1 - 14:00

we will start getting back to the hotel and stop by for tea break

Day 1 - 15:00

all activity will be finished

Tour Conditions

Smart casual

Flexible plan

Price Conditions


Public or private transportation fares : taxi, bts, mrt, etc are included (Please estimate the cost of gasoline or vehicle rental fee, in case of using a private car)

Admission fee

Admission fee: Amusement park, gallery, shows, and etc are included

Price Conditions


Admission fee

Extra Expenses

Extra money for your own lunch and tea break


Why this trip?

We will enjoy a day in Bagan Datok where we will be able to see the beauty of Bagan Datok In Perak and we will bring you to taste the freshness of the seafood there

Things to prepare for the trip

Water to drink and a cap

Meeting Point

Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Free Hotel Pickup at

we will pick you up from your hotel in Ipoh

How to get there

we will pick you up from hotel

Travel Note

A guide will be provided for you
insurance included
Transportation will be prepared for you


The activity will be changed to another day or wait till the rain stop


MYR 402.5 / Person