1. What are the benefits of being a Local Host?

We believe the best experience is a local experience, and a Local Host can help change the way people travel! By joining Byloka as a Local Host, you can earn passive income while travelling, make new friends from all corners of the world, introduce your beautiful culture to others while learning about new cultures at the same time, and help local development with rural community participants. Whether it is a local family homestay, a traditional family dinner, or local activities such as cooking traditional food or farming, you can tailor your own offerings based on your expertise – so you can share your passion and interests, just the way you want it!

2. How do I become a Local Host?

Byloka loves working with locals who are passionate about their cities! You can become a Local Host by registering an account here, complete the verification process, list out the details for your trip/experience, and wait for our approval – once successful, your listing will be up on Byloka!

3. How do I get verified?

In order for you to become a Local Host, we will need to verify your identity. You are required to submit necessary information such as your email address, contact number, personal ID card details, and bank account number to us. It will take 1-2 working days to be approved, and an approval email will be sent to you. We look forward to seeing you as a Local Host!


1. How do I edit my profile?

Update your personal information on your Byloka profile anytime – just click here to edit!

2. How do I terminate my account?

We are sorry to see you go. Please inform us at, and we will provide you with a termination form to be filled up. Once completed, your account will be terminated within 7 working days.


1. What can I offer as a Local Host?

As a Local Host, you can offer the world all sorts of experiences, including:

  • Food Experiences: Food is an international language, and you can now share your passion for it with people from all over the world! You can show your new friends the rich culture behind the local cuisine, and teach them how to appreciate the gastronomic experience – the local way.
  • Activities: Teach your guests about your city or culture through fun activities such as cycling tours, traditional art workshops, cultural studies, and more! There is no better way to bond with people than having fun together.
  • City Tours: From local neighbourhoods to hidden gems, you can show what your city has to offer – from your very own point of view. Customise unique tours that showcase your passion and skills to engage your guests.
  • Day Trips: Let your guests discover the beauty of your culture by making an itinerary for a day trip! Why not live the life of an Orang Asli for a day, or explore the beautiful sights just outside your city?

You can follow the above as a guide, but remember – the sky is your limit so feel free to tailor your experiences to bring out the best in your city and culture!

2. What do I need to include in my pricing?

Aside from listing the fee that you would like to collect, please be clear about what is and what is not included in your listed price so your Guest can get a clear understanding of what is being offered. You can include items such as accommodation, transport fares, meals, and admission fares in your pricing. The final published price will be adjusted accordingly with any applicable service fees (including any applicable taxes) for Guests.


1. How do I accept a booking?

If you receive a booking request from a traveller, you can accept the request depending on your availability by clicking the ‘Confirm’ button. Do note that for every successful booking made, a Local Host Service Fee will be charged by Byloka upon mutual agreement with the Local Host. The Local Host service fee will be deducted from the amount paid to Byloka and it is not refundable in any circumstances, unless the confirmed booking is cancelled at least 10 days from the scheduled date.

2. How do I know if a booking has been successfully confirmed after accepting it?

After you accept the booking request, it will be confirmed automatically once the payment is successfully completed by the Guest.

3. Can I reschedule a trip after it has been booked?

If you need to reschedule a trip after the booking has been confirmed, please contact us at and provide us a valid reason with solid evidence for the requested change. However, it is highly discouraged to reschedule a confirmed booking. If your request for a change is unsuccessful, you may consider cancelling the booking and refund the full amount to your Guest.


1. Which currency does Byloka accept?

Byloka displays prices in multiple currencies, but the payment is always done in Ringgit Malaysia.

2. Can I collect cash from my Guest?

Due to our Safety Policy, we regret to inform that cash payment is not allowed to be collected under any circumstances. Once the trip is completed, we will disburse the payment to you automatically.

3. What happens if I need to collect extra payment from my Guest?

Extra payment is only allowed to be collected if you and your Guest agree to it. Please inform us at as well.

4. How will I receive my payment?

  • Automatic: Automatic Transfer, we will automatically disburse the total sum from your ‘Wallet’ to your bank account once every two weeks.
  • Manual: Manual Transfer, you will need to email us your request at An administration fee of RM2 is applicable per transaction, and you can only request at least 3 days after the trip has ended.


1. How do I prove that the trip is completed?

Once the trip has ended, you may ask your Guest for their reservation code or you can take a selfie with them and submit it as proof.


1. Can I make changes to a booking?

Do note that we recommend that you avoid making changes after a booking has been confirmed, as it will leave a negative impression on you and Byloka. However, if you absolutely need to make changes to a confirmed booking, please ensure your Guest is agreeable to the proposed changes and notify us at

2. Can I cancel a booking?

We strictly advise against cancelling a confirmed booking, as this will affect Byloka’s and your reputation. In the event of trip cancellation from a Local Host, a full refund will be returned to the Guest.

3. What if the weather does not permit a trip?

We do not condone making changes or cancelling a confirmed booking as it will affect Guests’ trust in Local Hosts and Byloka. In case of bad weather, you may follow the steps below:

  • Try your best to negotiate with your Guest for other options, such as rearranging the itinerary or rescheduling the trip.
  • Provide your Guest with basic information about the expected weather prior to the trip, as some Guests may not be well-prepared for it. It would be helpful if you could guide them on what to expect and how to prepare for the weather.

4. How do I cancel a booking?

If you find yourself in dire need of cancelling a confirmed booking, please notify us at and submit a valid reason with solid evidence.

5. What if my Guest cancels on a booking?

If your Guest cancels on a confirmed booking:

  • Within 10 days or more prior the scheduled trip: Your Guest will be refunded 100% of the total price.
  • Within 9 but more than 3 days prior to the scheduled trip: Your Guest will be refunded 50% of the total price.
  • Within 3 days prior to the scheduled trip: Your Guest will not receive a refund, and you will be fully paid.