Have you ever wanted more than your typical experience while travelling? Here at Byloka, we believe that the best way to explore a new city is through the eyes of a local. With carefully curated and personalised offerings, there is a unique local experience for every traveller out there.

With us, it is not just about seeing beautiful sights, eating delicious food, or doing fun activities - it is about doing it in an authentic manner. Our aim is for travellers to enjoy a truly genuine experience; hence we connect you to our Local Hosts, whose local expertise enables you to explore the culture better.

We hope to inspire travellers to open their mind and embrace new experiences; to walk on a path of self-discovery and be more attuned to the world. At Byloka, we warmly welcome you to begin this exciting journey with us. Happy travelling!

Authentic & Unique Local Experience

We believe the most authentic travel experiences can only be provided by locals, and that is why we rely on our Local Hosts to share their passion and knowledge with you for a truly unique local experience. As experts of the city and local culture, our Local Hosts will make sure to elevate your journey and make it extraordinarily memorable.

Equality for Everyone

By providing equal opportunities for all, locals who wish to share their passion for their city and culture with travellers can easily sign up as a Local Host with us! We aim to contribute to local developments and encourage individual interactions with local communities, which enable them to participate in tourism development of the area. Travellers who go on tours curated by our Local Hosts inadvertently help us to reach these goals. With our Local Hosts and specially-crafted experiences, we hope to empower individuals to be aware of their community assets' value – their culture, heritage, local food, arts, crafts, and lifestyle.

Connecting Local Friends

One of the highlights of a trip is making new friends, and our Local Hosts are ready to be yours! Whether it's a full-day trip or an hour of activity, you will learn all about local customs and traditions alongside a new friend – your Local Host – who can adapt and customise the experience for you. Travellers will be able to share their Local Hosts' love for local cultures and see the world through different lens.